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Steak tonight!?!

Steak tonight!?!

……….. Super, delicious, steak!!!


Mussels !!

Mussel up – Steam rising from bowls crammed full of sleek, shiny shells opening up to present their nutritious flesh, mussels are gorgeously delicious and arrive at the table with a unique sense of theatre; oh, and breads and finger bowls!

No longer referred to as the poor man’s oyster, mussels are delicacies of our coastal waters of which to be proud. Their versatility surpasses looking magically appetising – the depth to their texture and taste is simply wonderful and the many amazing ways to enjoy them, seemingly endless.

My advice would always be to seek out the best and use only the finest, rope grown mussels to create dishes that capture the imagination. Here at The Woodman we love ‘em so much that we’ve chosen to dedicate each and every Monday to fantastically fat, plump British mussels, cooked in one of four ways to be enjoyed with a selection of varied drink accompaniments.

With some of the finest markets and suppliers on our doorstep, we were spoilt for choice when selecting the best produce for our new Mussel Monday nights, opting for the gorgeous Shetland rope grown variety. I believe they are the best around at present, with an unbelievable taste – a large steaming bowl for me is simply not enough, I love them that much.

Monday is now a unique and great time to be behind the stove at The Woodman, so much so that the culinary team compete for the Monday shift, the kitchen awash with piles and piles of the best mussels money can buy, busily being washed, prepped and then steamed – it really is fantastic fun.

At Mussel Monday everybody’s favourite, the moules mariniere, is flanked by a selection of ways to cook and enjoy this wonderful shellfish, including the Spanish, where we toss in smoked chorizo, wine, parsley and tomato, and the Thai, which we spice up with ginger, lemongrass and chilli, and finish with coconut. Delicious.






We are back!!

woodman battersea - smokingAfter an epic 2012 – and an cracking start to 2013, I feel its about time to fill you in with all new developments here at our Battersea pub. Day by day I will be updating with recipes , new innovations and photos. Watch this space!!

oh and we now have a smoke house to add an interesting twist to some of our fantastic dishes

see you soon!!

Demerara Distillers’ Diamond Distillery

hey big dog! ever known of anybody making rum in the uk?

anybody making rum in the uk??

Stephen McGrath

Rum is a beverage with a rich history full of anecdotes and myths, war and piracy. Following Lord Nelson’s death after the great victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, his body is said to have made its way back preserved in a cask of rum. On the ships return to British shores the cask was drained of its content where thirsty sailors had their merry way. Thus, the term “Nelson’s Blood” was coined for rum.

The word rum has sketchy origins, but British Etymologist Samuel Morewood suggested in an essay he wrote in 1824 that its roots are in the old British slang term for “the best” – as in “having a rum time.” Its popular use was to denote the spirits superiority over whiskey, brandy, or arrack.

Rum on these isles is known for its role as a mixer in cocktails; but Keith from the Prince of Wales pub…

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Deep fried golden globes